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FOAMfrat Podcast

Jan 25, 2021

In this podcast, Sam and discuss the evolution of FOAMed peer review with Chris Smetana and Eric Bauer.
Eric is the founder of FlightbridgeED which was one of the first EMS podcasts to surface and quickly became a hit. The FlightbridgeED brand now has grown into one of the industries household names when it comes to providing resources and training for flight clinicians all over the world. You can find their content at
Chris Smetana is the CEO of IA Med and a known leader within the industry. The IA Med team prides itself on meeting the needs of the industry and collaborating to improve the EMS profession. You can find their content at IAMED.US.
Topics discussed:
  1. What is the process from inception to publishing, when it comes to your brands content?
  2. Traditional and modified peer review techniques.
  3. The art of critique and feedback
  4. Reducing noise from social media posts.