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FOAMfrat Podcast

Sep 23, 2021

One of my first calls as a paramedic was to our local ski hill for a 26-year-old guy who crashed into a tree while snowboarding. The ski patrol brought him down to the patrol room and we met them inside. The guy was literally screaming in pain and saying: "just put me out, man!" I could see his leg was obviously deformed below the knee.

Now, this dude was covered in gear, and starting an IV was going to take a little while. I looked at my partner and remembered we had just got this new gadget that connects to the end of a syringe and lets you inject medication into someone's nose. It was called a mucosal atomizer device (MAD). I pulled up 100 mcg (2 ml) and gave 1 ml per nare.

I told the guy that he would be feeling reeeeallll good anytime now.

we waited..

and waited..