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FOAMfrat Podcast

Jun 23, 2017

This mini episode is meant to cover the logistics of setting up your induction & post procedure sedation package. Our poison of choice is obviously Ketamine because of its panoply of sexy advantages when it comes to DSI.

Jun 16, 2017

In a very simplified approach to ventilation we can separate our vent strategies into either an obstructive or injury patient. Obstructive patients are known to have an increased amount of effort on the exhalation phase of the respiratory cycle. Exhalation is a passive phase of breathing and when a reduction in...

Jun 2, 2017

You have heard me brag about the critical care refresher that Lifestar puts on every two years. This is a clip by Dr. Lorin Browne. He is the Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine at Children's Hospital of Milwaukee. He is also one of the coolest dudes I have had the opportunity to hang out with. In...