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FOAMfrat Podcast

Aug 18, 2023

Taking on pharmacology in EMT school is a big hurdle. We wanted to write something that not only explained the basics of the medications but also helped bridge the gap between what EMTs are taught and what paramedics learn when they go back over these medications in paramedic pharmacology.

Each chapter discusses how the medications work, why they're given for specific indications, and the logistics of medication administration! We've also included medication profiles, tips and tricks from experienced providers, and flashcards for each medication to help you hone your med knowledge base!

In this book, we're coving:




Albuterol and Atrovent Epinephrine


Aspirin Nitroglycerin




Oral Glucose Gel and Glucagon + Flashcards in the back!


This book is for students, EMTs, and paramedics who want an in-depth review of EMT medications! You can download the book for free at