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FOAMfrat Podcast

Oct 24, 2018

Before I release my vodcast about some of the non-invasive experiments I've been working on, I wanted to do a back-to-basics podcast about positive pressure ventilation. In this quick vodcast we will cover why we give extra pressure behind our oxygen, a little about V/Q mismatch, and how titrating different...

Oct 20, 2018

I wanted to expound on this a little more and discuss my thoughts on when it makes sense to give sodium bicarbonate to a patient in a metabolic acidosis. Check out the show notes for further reading and pics.

Oct 10, 2018

I will openly admit that when Dr. Weingart first coined the term "Push Dose Pressor," I drank the Kool Aid.. I remember pitching it to my organization and discussing the concept with the guys at my station. I think the early adoption was due to:
1. Cool Name
2. Easy To Mix
3. Weingart 
4. Was better than pushing 500 mcg...

Oct 6, 2018

My goal was to create a start-to-finish checklist that hit all the important points. Not only did I want the clinicians to have it in the field, but I wanted them to do competencies on a standardized system on a regular basis. I felt it important that they are tested on the exact same points in training as they see...