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FOAMfrat Podcast

Sep 15, 2021

Welcome to the third installment of this metabolic panel series, where we're exploring what happens when these lab values hit their limits, or beyond. Previously we've explored Cations (located here) and Anions (located here), but don't feel like you need to read these in any particular order.

These blogs are meant as a reference for you to come back to. There's a lot of information in each, so they might be better absorbed in chunks. I'm writing these as the reference I wish I had when I started learning lab values.

This week we're going to tackle the renal values on our chemistry panel! Renal physiology can be more than a little intimidating, but you're going to totally understand these labs by the time we're done! Because this renal section is a little different than the other sections, I'm going to start us off with a little refresher on the nephron, using a couple of illustrations.