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FOAMfrat Podcast

Apr 26, 2020

A few months ago Sam and I started putting together a ventilator module within the FOAMfrat refresher course. Our hopes were to create a "beginners guide" into the world of mechanical ventilation. As we created each lesson we would discuss further points that we felt were essential to include. Two months later and we have a robust approximatley ten hour mechanical ventilation course that takes novice providers through a step by step journey through one of the most intimidating pieces of critical care equipment. 

Sam mentioned the idea of bringing on his wife who works as a respiratory therapist. His vision was to round out the course with a long-term perspective on mechnical ventilation. We found this interview with Kristin Ireland very informative and hope that it sheds a little more light on what goes on after we drop off a patient, or before we pick them up. Topics discussed include:

  • What's up with the ED crash settings we always find patients on?
  • What do critical care transport teams do that drive you nuts?
  • What should we absolutley ask the RT before we leave with an intubated patient?
  • Weaning & Extubation